Orlando Carnival 2018

Say What???  Two Orlando Carnivals?  There can only be one or so we thought. The 2017 Orlando Carnival Downtown was outstanding!  Best of all it was free!  This was brought to us by the original Orlando Carnival Association.  With the leadership of GGR Marketing the area for the carnival was also in a more swanky park!  But seeing that we had the curve ball thrown our way we made the wise decision to go with the originals and boy it didn't disappoint!


Machel Montano Was the headliner which provided me with more than enough incentive.  But despite having fewer mas bands than last year it was quite spectacular fete.  Andy's Krazy Krew and their multiple cynfully creative sections ignited the fire in us. Carnival Krew came to fete with their portrayal of "Out of the Caribbean" and Mr CC Productions portrayed "Bacchanal",  Another delite was the special college band portraying "All ah We is One Family"

Due to thunderstorm warnings the venue was changed from an outdoor to an indoor venue.  This meant that the entertainment was moved indoor to the Amway Center opening possibly other future Carnival events there.  Machel Montano and his crew of awesome dancers definitely benefited from the move and performed flawlessly! The one note I must mention is that Machel Montano came with his "The Full Monk Band", not a DJ.   Not only did Machel perform flawless, his band didn't miss a beat.  The best note is that this potential future event venue maybe courtesy of GGR and their expertise with regard to the future of the Orlando Carnival Downtown.