Jacksonville Carnival 2018

by Weldon Ryan

It was a cauldron of hot fire.  A perfect pot for a meltdown of carnival goodness.  The costumes were beautifully designed and the revelers gave a good jump-up as they march down the road to Metro Park 2.  The Celebration of Caribbean culture had begun in glorious fashion starting with The Gombey Warriors with there portrayal of Bermuda's Heritage.  These players had high energy which carried all the way down A Philip Randolph to the park.  I loved the band Carnival Couture Mas with there portrayal "Road Rage".  I don't want to cop favorites cause I loved them all.  Uzuri Mas was terrific too!  There portrayal Knocked me out with the old school meet new school of "New Dawn" with music by Music: Dj Zenergi * Dj Nate * Strictly Business Sounds * Eruption Hi Power.

I'd be wrong to not mention the food and entertainment.  When I'm out there taking my shots for future paintings my intention is for capturing good images to paint.  I'm bias to that.  The food was very tasty especially with the Tobago Shark and Bake.

The musical line up was a blast with The Legendary SuperBlue, Nessa Preppy, IMMAHATIAN257, Future Fambo, Scrouge, Preedy, Rayzor, Marzville.

The Jacksonville Carnival was a great time.  It's growing and I expect to see more next year as it will morph into a great event in a few years from now.  It's over due.

images by www.Calypsofineart.com and can be acquired at www.weldonryancarnivalpix.shootproof.com